(AINIAIRY art exhibition preface)

Totally happy fantasy world

Here on display is the study of Canadian talent artist AINIAIRY watercolor painting and print.

Her watercolor habit of natural ecology, pay attention to the lines and colors, plane constitution art saturation relationship, through the art of water, color, line interleaving brisk, grace, hearty image with arbitrary freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting and from the heart, these is to absorb the traditional Eastern Fang Shuimo painting charm, exquisite osteotomy and boneless vivid, simply to belong to the western painting watercolor, make to Chinese and Western art mastery, throughput Tianqu to paper over the works, its unique artistic temperament rich charm and face.

If ethereal blend, sway fugue of light music is AINIAIRY watercolor painting in the then her prints should is colorful and vigorous symphony. Special needs to be pointed out is that the prints a debut to the public by many collectors favorite, in addition to the European classical architectural series of works, Yamahana brilliant gorgeous Theme & multicolour color works, the screen a lot of carefully crafted, strong features breathtaking. Watercolor prints and elegant temperament, simple and solemn style, bring the unique aesthetic and artistic enjoyment.


协办单位:澳门国际油画学会   奈良国际美术研究所



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